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Regarding Our Dolls and Bears...


Condition Please note we make every attempt to accurately describe our dolls and bears.

Our bisque dolls are examined with blacklights, with flashlights and with natural light. Dolls are examined by several experienced individuals. Neckwells are also inspected for damage and particular attention is paid to the rim area of the crown. We look for damage, eye chips and rubs and these things are noted in our descriptions.

We are unable, however, to list every flaw to a doll's costume or every inch of wear to a doll's composition body. There may be very minor imperfections or insignificant, inherent factory flaws which are not listed. Condition

Please feel free to email us for more detail and request pictures. Our descriptions are mainly focused on the doll's or bear's condition, originality, and any repairs to bisque or damage to bisque.

We will be delighted to answer specific questions, rephotograph, if possible, etc.


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