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SEO339: 23 Piece Tea Setnew

This charming antique tea set has 23 pieces is in beautiful condition. I can find no chips or cracks. There are 6 cups,three cups with 2 girls playing with a baby doll, one cup two children are pretending to cook something, and 2 cups feature children pretending to purchase items at a store, with scales, etc. All part of a grown up world, with shopping, taking care of children and housekeeping. The cups are all marked Germany on the bottom. Gold colored gilding along the rim and accenting the handle. Each measures 2" tall. Six saucers which are also marked on the underside and have been accented with gold trim along the outside rim and the rim that would encircle the cup when it is seated on the saucer. The saucer has molded subtle lines in the pattern which radiate from the center. Each saucer is 4.5" in diameter and are in great condition. The sugar bowl has its original lid and features the image of the two girls caring for the baby doll. It has a handle on each side. Also marked Germany on the underside. The sugar bowl WITHOUT the lid measures 2~/4" tall. It is also accented with a subtle ridged appearance which accents all sides of the bowl. The creamer has one handle and the gold trim accents the lip of the creamer, as well as the handle. Not marked. The image matches the cups where the children are playing with a toy oven/stove and the girl appears to whipping up a mixture to bake. The creamer is 2.5" tall. There are 6 matching dinner dishes, trimmed with gold. The center of each plate features an image which matches those described above. All marked Germany on the underside. Some wear to images where they have been rubbed or stacked in play. I've photographed some of these images, so be sure to look over my photos. There are 3 plates with the kitchen vignette, one plate features the scales and the children appear to be playing as if at a mercantile. Two plates feature the two girls with the baby doll. Six plates in total. The diameter is 5~3/8" in diameter. The teapot is lovely. It has a lid and measures approximately 5" tall WITHOUT the lid, measuring from spout to bottom. Gold trim. Very faint mark visible on the bottom. It features the cooking scene. There is a very, very faint line which is about 1" long and the width of a thread. It looks like a pencil mark. Looks like it is part of the process involved in getting the image onto the teapot. It cannot be felt, is barely visible and is NOT damage. All in lovely condition with very little wear, except for some minor wear to one or two images. This tea set is in the best condition of any we have ever offered. Part of my personal collection. Never displayed, it has been packed away for 2 decades. Unpacked, the set weighs 4 lbs and 14 oz. I sell vintage and antique items with a history; oftentimes items may show wear from a former life. I always try to note any serious condition issues. Please contact me if you have additional questions regarding the condition of the item. Photos are considered part of the description.

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