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SOA73: Metal Watch Pin

Looking for the perfect accessory for a teddy bear?These oldstock vintage metal pendant watches are IDEAL! Circa 1920 and coming from their original box marked Germany. Absolutely adorable, these metal watches have a gold colored finish--teeny bit of wear, here and there to gold finish, but mostly confined to the back or high points. Pseudo-glass front is slightly domed--not sure of the material content of the face, but lucite has been suggested--and accented with Roman numerals accenting the timepiece. Watch face appears to be paper. Pin behind metal bow at the top, pins and securely locks, so this would also work for a doll. Can't you just imagine Father Bear wearing one of these on his chest? Could be embellished with patriotic vintage ribbon for a colorful appearance. Pin measures slightly under 2" tall. Please note, this is NOT a working watch.

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