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HALGC100: Nodding Witchnew

This is a very rare pre 1925 GLASS EYED Halloween Nodding Witch originating from the original family. It is very rare. She is made of papier mache. Some crazing. This adorable antique witch would make a fine addition to an important Halloween collection.She provided a frightening addition on Halloween and was used a Mother Goose for the remainder of the year. Papier mache hands in good condition with minor wear. At her elbows arms turn into apertures for positioning her hands and arms. One arm holds a papier-mâché jack-o’-lantern with paper inserts for eye,s nose and teeth. Bail wire creates a handle that she can hold onto. Cardboard base. Original clothes in lovely condition. Some of the dyes used at the time are notorious for thinning away after years; there are some of the brown and gold dots on her dress which have worn to circular holes. If you lift her skirt, you can see her taupe painted stockings with papier mache, included. Visible on her rounded tummy and upper legs, one can see German newspaper from the time, which was used to create her. Possible touch up to feet with a slightly darker taupe and some crazing. Some velvet loss to painted shoes. Granny witch has hand painted face with glass eyes, some crazing. Her hair is mohair and looks like it is a combination of gray and white mohair, however this may attributed to aging, storage, etc. Old painted glossy black heavy cardboard witch's hat shows a small dent. Trimmed with a gold trim. There are two heavy-duty wire hooks connected to her neck which insert into loops in her neckwell. A small wire attaches to a metal eye in the back of her neckwell, After being wound with her key, she has been noted to rock her head forwards and backwards for about 5 hours. Black glossy heavy cardboard hat with some minor creases and dent in front, Golden metallic trim looks original. Nice molding and painting, especially around that area of her face where she is smiling. Painted teeth, wrinkles. Wrinkle lines , painted smile wrinkles at corners of mouth. She has painted eyelashes and painted eyebrows some crazing and some slight color differentiation.She is wearing heavy duty lead or metal glasses spectacles with no glass inside them of course. She is very rare because she has blown glass eyes. She stands on a velvet covered wooden stand that does show some minor to the nap. She measures 23 inches from bottom of base to top of hat. Please view ALL photos, as these are considered part of the description. I have many photos. Please do not hesitate to email for those. I sell vintage and antique items with a history; oftentimes items may show wear from a former life. I always try to note any serious condition issues. Please contact me if you have additional questions regarding the condition of the item. If you are seeking a collectible which looks brand new please reconsider purchasing. Our items are as described, but descriptions are subjective, after all. International buyers, this item may be too large some some of the shipping restrictions for your country. Please check before purchasing. We charge actual shipping. WE CHARGE ACTUAL SHIPPING FOR REGISTERED USPS SHIPPING, FULLY INSURED, which is estimated to be$150 for this item.

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