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This is a delightful antique German lithographed paper covered papier mache Easter egg candy container. I has been in my personal collection for decades, but has always been packed away. I never displayed it. The egg features a different image on each side. One depicts two chicks accessorized with human climbing gear such as walking sticks and backpacks. One is even wearing a monocle. The other side depicts a chick wearing a hat and smoking a pipe, riding in a wooden wagon filled with Easter eggs. The card is being pulled by two chicks. Lots of details such as grass blades, green meadow, snow capped mountains in the background. Condition is really wonderful. Original white paper trim around the perimeter where the two halves meet. Egg has original glossy finish. Some streaks of light brown which follow the shape of the egg appear to be original finish which has perhaps darkened a bit. These areas also have original gloss sheen over the top, so everything is original to the egg. No repairs or damage. The egg retains original patterned paper interior marked Germany. Original paper lace shows some creases and bends as usually seen, which happens when the two halves are placed together to form one egg. There is a very fine length or loop of twine which tucks inside the egg, but allows the egg to be hung as a display if desired. A minor patch of darkening to the white paper trim around the outside of the egg. One of our pictures shows the egg with a 16" doll. Please note, this is for scale and doll is not included in the sale. Please view all my photos. The egg, measuring north to south and around, has a circumference of 12". This is the best example of a German Easter egg candy container I have seen. The images are just adorable and the condition is so lovely. I sell vintage and antique items with a history; oftentimes items may show wear from a former life. I always try to note any serious condition issues. Please contact me if you have additional questions regarding the condition of the item. Photos are considered part of the description.Please email me for additional photos.
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