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Antique Vintage Christmas Collection Amassed Over 34 Years Tinsel Scrap Ornaments Mercury Glass Garlands Figural Glass Ornaments Metallic Tinsel Yardage Spun Glass Spun Cotton 55" Feather Tree This is my personal Christmas collection which I am selling as a collection, rather than piecing the items out. I amassed this collection over a period of 34 years and much of it has not been displayed. The items have been carefully stored away for decades. The feather tree was displayed perhaps 5 Christmas holidays.The rest of the time it has been tucked away. The collection includes the following items. I have many, many photographs and am limited in the amount I can upload to this site. If you would like to see additional photos, please contact me at my email address or phone number. The collection has been priced, with consignment fees for this site, in mind. 1 antique feather tree with original paper covered wooden "trunk", some wear to paper covering. Feather tree has original goose feathers accenting tree limbs, some original red composition berries are intact. Tree stands 55 inches tall when placed in wooden tree stand. The tree stand has some minor wear to some corners. Retains original paint and design and measures 7" X 7" X 7". It is stamped "Made in Germany" on the underside. Included with the collection are the following antique and vintage Christmas decorations (includes descriptions of quantity , condition, lengths etc) antique and vintage glass garland (146.25 feet total) 9 feet green still wrapped in original paper band made in japan 2 yds 32" teal 1 yd 4" pink 3 yds fuschia 2 yds 4" fuschia 1 yd 8" multicolored 5 yds 16" multicolored 3 yds 2 yds 24" 2 yds 19" 2 yds 32" 3 yds red silver blue 2 yds 29" 1 yd 10" 6 yds 3 yds red silver blue 2 yds 29" 125 glass balls of various sizes and colors and shapes, (shapes such as clown, snowman, mandalin, pinecone, berries), including some from original boxes. 7 gold gilded antique metal candle clips shaped like pine cones 5 metal sparkle dusted (mica?) with tiny colorful paper stars 2 mini chenille santas with painted faces antique metallic tinsel garland (a total of 230.75 feet) 3 yds 16" gold tinsel with red cellophane 29" iridescent 4 yds 4" tarnished bronze color 2 yds 20" 6 yds red cellophane and gold 3 yds 5" 4 yds 17" 5 yds 25" red blue and green tinsel 1 yd 26" 3 yds 17" 3 yds 3 yds 30" purplish mauve 5 yds 24" gold 3 yds sparce 2 yds 33" 31" 39" 23" 2 yd 28" 2 yds 33" gold and silver 23" 32" 1 yd 3" silver gold tinsel 1 yd 32" gold 5 yds 23" aqua 4 yds 24" 3 spun cotton pears with mica 3 spun glass comets, stars 6 spun cotton santas with painted faces Dresden composition or plaster antique angel with gold wings 1 wax angel encompassed with goosefeather wreath. 2 wooden birds 1 gold metallic tinsel star 29 antique paper and tinsel ornaments, various themes and sizes including original large lithographed Father Christmas scrap and tinsel Tree Topper 4 flocked morvian stars I have researched some of these items and have found antique tinsel selling for approximately 10-12 a foot. Glass garland is selling for 10-35 a foot. Much of this could be parsed out and sold, which would pay for a great portion of one's initial investment . I have done all the searching for you and have collected many rare items, a wonderful large antique German tree, and other unique ornaments which have taken me 34 years to collect. Each Christmas ornament was hand picked one at a time for their appeal, condition and rarity. Based on my 34 years of experience selling antique and vintage Christmas ornaments and decorations I place the individual replacement value of all of the above items in todays market at between 7500-8000. One could purchase the collection and cherry pick, selling the other items are recover a great deal of the initial investment. I have OVER 100 PHOTOS, so please contact me directly.801 669 3900 I sell vintage and antique items with a history; oftentimes items may show wear from a former life. I always try to note any serious condition issues. Please contact me if you have additional questions regarding the condition of the item. Photos are considered part of the description. Shipping is UPS Ground for 220. If it is less, we will refund excess. If it is more, we will subsidize. Layaway available. Contact us for terms. Returns not accepted but contact us if there is a problem with this order.
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