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VC1118GC: Santa, Reindeer/Nodding

This fabulous antique German set is in remarkable condition and in working condition. Santa sits in his sleigh , with the reindeer in front. When you push their heads, each nods up and down! Really amusing and wonderful. This is a particularly wonderful and large exhibit for a special holiday collection. Santa has painted blue eyes, painted eyebrows, painted mouth with teeth. Great detailing--he even has wrinkles on his brow or forehead. Cotton beard somewhat spotty or sparse. Dressed in a crimson felt costume (holes to shoulder area), embellished with a faux fur silk trim. From tip of hat to bottom of boot is about 15". The wicker sleigh is about 23" long and has a wooden bottom and wooden sleigh runners. The back is about 8.5" high. The reindeer is marvelous! In front, measuring from hoof to tip of antlers, he measures 24" tall approximately (antlers are 9", hoof to head is 15"). He measures almost 20" long. His "fur" appears to be a faux fur silk covering, very realistic in coloring. Beautifully formed, he looks like he has bone and muscle, just like a real reindeer. Accented with gorgeous trims, metal adornments, etc. Soulful glass eyes ! He nods when you give his head a push. Condition on this set appears to be very lovely...all original and with minimal wear or soiling. A wonderful "working" holiday set, which is sure to be the highlight of a holiday collection. Please click here to view additional magnified photos and click on your BACK button in your browser to return to this page.
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