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VC5886GC: Christmas Fairy/Rare

This fabulous and rare German wax over papier mache Christmas FAIRY (different from the more common angel). This all original fairy dates circa 1880 and still wears her original costume. She was likely dressed in England for the English market there, as Christmas fairies were originally an English tradition. They were considered bringers of the Christmas tree, light, etc. This charming Christmas fairy stands slightly over 18" tall and has an excelsior stuffed body with wooden arms and legs. Her periwinkle painted high button boots are adorable and accented with tufts of antique gold colored (now darkened with age) lametta or tinsel. She wears her original underclothing and her original open weave dress with a windowpane pattern. The front of her bodice is decorated with gold metallic ribbon and flyaway strands of lametta. Her sleeves and neckline are also embellished with this wonderful metallic trim which has taken on an old warm patina. She has fabulous gold painted and lametta trimmed crinoline wings in the back. She still carries in her waistband her tinsel covered fairy wand! Her beautiful flesh colored wax face has hand painted eyebrows, set glass brown eyes, and painted lips with rose blushed cheeks. There is some paint wear to her lips and she does have some cracking and crazing to her face. (I did not check the shoulderplate as I would have had to disassemble the entire costume). There is a small flake of wax missing from her forehead, exposing the pink colored under "skin" or papier mache, and about 2 flakes from her painted hair. She has molded painted blonde hair which also shows some cracking, crazing... Her costume is topped off with a festive tiara of silver and copper colored tinsel. She is an outstanding Christmas fairy and would be a delightful addition to an antique holiday collection. Please click here to view additional magnified photos and click on your BACK button in your browser to return to this page.
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