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VC7805SJ: Wicker Car/Santanew

A very rare and wonderful Father Christmas in wood and wicker car. This is German, dating circa 1915-1920s.We have displayed the santa with an original Christmas 1908 The Thomas Tribune magazine with Father Christmas driving a car,to illustrate this was a popular festive theme during this period. Please note The periodical IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE OF THE SANTA AND CAR and is not available! This rare Father Christmas is driving a colorful rose,ivory, jade and tan colored wicker car, with a painted aqua wooden foundation. Wheels are wooden with wooden spokes, "headlights" are wooden, steering wheel, windshield, etc. There are some areas where it appears the spokes have separated from their original positions inside the circular wheels and there may some old dots of glue. Looking at the car from the front, one can see the wheels area little off center . But this is to be expected, as Santa has LOADED the vehicle with many, many toys and goodies. There are frosted bristle trees, dolls, a book, some porcelain figures, cotton batting skier, dollhouse, birds, etc. Father Christmas appears to be in great condition, wearing original clothing. Butterscotch coat and hood with charcoal velvet trousers.Wire aperture in arms for slight posing--his hands look to be pretty much on the steering wheel, with one hand holding a goose feather tree or branch. Beautifully painted face, wonderful original fur beard. The car measures 21" from back to front, 7.5" from wheel to wheel in front and 8.5" tall in the back (not including the toys,etc.) I can get three wheels to move readily when the car is pushed, but suggest this wonderful holiday item be displayed with other Christmas items. Very rare and charming! Please click here to view additional magnified photos and click on your BACK button in your browser to return to this page.

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