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VC8012SO: Vintage Holiday Lotnew

his is a very nice selection of Christmas decorations...There are many trees, which vary in age, size, color, some are the typical bristle or bottle brush trees, others are flocked and decorated with colored balls, one is very tall and narrow and has a base like a feather tree base! This collection includes a 2" celluloid Santa which is stamped Japan, A 4.5" tall hard plastic Santa which rattles when shaken. One perfect celluloid reindeer with glitter and red jewel eyes , measures 5" tall, is marked Japan and has original stamp or sticker. I'm tossing in several reindeer with typical issues--one is near perfect with an antler hanging on for dear life, a celluloid baby reindeer in good condition, another smaller reindeer missing part of one antler, and a larger smooth finished reindeer with red jewel eyes, no glitter. One antler has been reglued at some point and the other is missing. Two boxes of vintage Christmas tree ornament balls in various colors. None are broken and they have their wire hangers,Each ball is about 3/8" in diameter, a couple of balls missing from one pkg. Some damage to the cellophane windows in the box lids. Each ball is about 3/8" in diameter. One bottle brush tree with white tips to suggest a dusting of snow. Red wooden base is marked Made in Germany. It stands almost 7" tall. A similar tree, with red painted wooden base, olive in color with larger flakes of mica for sparkle. It stands 8" tall. A very small bristle brush tree with cotton fluff intertwined and white flocking . Red painted wooden base, with remnants of sticker and glue on the underside. It stands 4.25" tall. An 11" tall kelly green tree with heavy white flocking and gold colored wooden base. A festive dark emerald tree with silver mica or glitter--almost looks like glass--on the edges of limbs and vintage glass balls intertwined in colors of gold, aqua, plum , cranberry, silver, green. I see one broken ball. Red painted wooden base. This stands 11" tall. There is another tall, slender bristle tree with mica and white flocked ends to the branches and needles. Red painted wooden base. It measures 13" tall. There is a lovely large olive colored tree which has white flocking on ends of needles. Lovely shape, with branches flowing out like a tutu. Red painted wooden base. Somewhat thinning in the back, but very full in front and sides. This stands 13.5" tall. Another tree is more of a dark toffee color, with mica and white flocking. Red painted wooden base. This stands 9" tall. One of my favorite trees in the collection is the heavily decorated tree with lots of sparkling mica. There is a strand of different colored old glass balls stuffed into the branches, throughout. The tree has some thinning at the bottom in the back and tends to drop bristles if handled roughly. It measures 9". The final tree is a very tall, very slim bristle tree tipped with old mica or flocking. It is sage or olive in color and measures, with the base, 18" tall. It has a base similar to the bases one finds on the feather trees, painted and decorated. These trees go well with the Putz cardboard and mica or glitter dusted houses. We have a village of several houses listed, so be sure to check them out! Please click here to view additional magnified photos and click on your BACK button in your browser to return to this page.
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