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VCK29G: Nodding Santa, Donkeynew

This is a sweet mechanical donkey and Father Christmas. The length is 18" and the height, with Santa, is 22" including his hood on his cape. This is a working and very detailed display. Santa is dressed in crimson felt,with painted black boots. His hands and wrists are covered with mittens, with some wear to the nap. Papier mache hands up to about elbow area, then there is a wire aperture which can be manipulated to pose Santa's hands, if desired. Off white cotton trim on his costume is in good vintage condition, with very minor thinning here and there.Real fur hair and beard. Painted facial features with painted eyelashes, etc. He is holding an unusual feather tree with currant colored berries. The tree is variegated in color, with white and dark green. There is a wooden stem on his underside which slips into the hole in the donkey's back, so he can sit securely. Two metal pieces sit neatly on metal inserts in neck, so his head can nod. There is also the hook in back to steady the head. Remarkable condition..nice and clean with little wear or paint loss. Santa measures about 20" in height. He does have a hold under his arm, in costume, where he can be key wound. The donkey from tip of ears, measures 18". He is highly decorated with a felt blue saddle with rick rack trim.Oilcloth bridal, metal buckles.Painted hooves have some paint wear and possible touch up.Entirely covered in fur with a marbled effect, which resembles the true coloring of a donkey. Believed to be possibly silk plush with mohair blend. Glass eyes, real hair mane and tail. Overall condition is lovely with little wear, mostly confined to lower neck area, where his head can be removed . Same mechanism as the santa, with a hole on one side for keywind. Hole on top is where Santa's stick can be seated. A very unique and entertaining Christmas decoration. Rare German clockwork Santa on donkey circa 1920. Please view all my photos and ask for additional photos, as they are part of the description. I have video also, but not quite sure how to upload may have to be be youtube.
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