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VC5600GC: Collet Set/ "Sputnik"

My research indicates this is an unusual vintage H. Stern Sputnik charm or pendant created in 18K yellow gold . Collet set with multiple 5 mm colorful  gemstones such as garnet, peridot, amethyst, tourmaline, and aquamarine. This unique style was created by H. Stern , who was the largest source of colored gemstones in the initial years of the space race. This design was originally created by H. Stern in the 1950s to highlight the range of colored gemstones available from the mines of the company’s native Brazil. The design , with the extending points,  was reminiscent of the first Soviet satellite, and was given the nickname “Sputnik”. Many pieces were fashioned in this style, but charms and pendants are less common. The pendant is marked under the bail or loop. It measures 3/4"  placed on a measuring tape and 3" when the tape is wrapped around it. It's not terribly heavy, so a medium weight chain should be sufficient when wearing it. 
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