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VC8010SO: "Blessings" Pendant

This elegant handmade 18K pendant was purchased in the early 60's in Hong Kong by my mother around the time our family was being evacuated from Viet Nam in the early 1960s. We spent several days in Hong Kong, on our back to the United States. The pendant measures 2" across and is marked 18K, and is hand made and hand engraved. The lettering means "Blessing" and the dragon is a good luck sign. The idea is this medallion is meant to bring peace and blessing to the wearer along with good luck. The piece was tested by a very knowledgeable jeweler who has high tech equipment to weigh and test the gold content of any item. The weight was 1.667 oz/30.39 pw of 18K gold. This is truly a unique piece of vintage jewelry and certainly is eye catching. Owned by one family since the early 60's, this is the first time it has been offered for sale. Excellent condition for a 50 year old piece of gold jewelry. Fine marks and scratches from age and light use.
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