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WD49S: Large Antique Wedding Pin

Often called Norwegian wedding pins or Sølje, Norwegians present these pins to friends and loved ones at important "milestones" in life such as weddings, the birth of a child, anniversaries, etc. These pins are believed to bring good luck and safety to those who wear them. This particular antique sterling silver pin is very ornate and quite unusual, due to it's impressive large size. The sterling silver pin, alone, measures 2" and with the dangles, 3~1/4".Gold washed bowl shaped disks as well as spoon shaped. C clasp in back. Although, not noticeable, there is one bowl shaped disk which is missing it silver and spoon shaped dangle--it's at the top, and almost looks like it was intended to be that way except for a tiny pinhole in the bowl from which the dangle would have hung. A very striking antique pin or brooch! Looks wonderful worn on the lapel of a coat or suit!

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