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BT12F: Pastel Stars/French Frise

Frise is a metal for embroidery that is crinkled. It looks like a thin flat wire that has been wrapped around a square rod, slipped off and twisted just a bit to make the corners lay in different angles to show off a lot of reflected light. These are stunning silver metallic stars or snowflakes with variegated pink threads. Petite silver wrapped coils intertwined and stitched together to form individual stars. Each measures about 1 and 3/8" and is in superb condition. Upon closer inspection, each star is hand tacted with a single thread to the adjacent star, therefore each can separated and used individually or several in a grouping or as a trim as shown in the scan. These would be lovely as a single applique on a doll hat, as a grouping on the side of a sweater, etc. Very unusual and lovely! Turn of the century. Price reflects one star.


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