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BT496SO: German Bullion/5 Fine Strands

What an exciting find! Vintage old storestock German gold colored so- called bullion, a delicate real metallic braid. Our hearts nearly stopped as we uncovered these old cardboard boxes in a warehouse,amid other vintage treasures! The boxes had not been opened for decades, original old waxed tissue paper intact, as well as the old paper labels on the tops of the box lids. We purchased everything our source had and once this is gone,it's gone forever! This bullion can be stretched and wrapped around Christmas ornaments for a Victorian flare! It can be embroidered onto trims, etc. Also called Frisť or "Crinkle Wire", each very fine strand measures 1/16" wide X 21" long. You are purchasing FIVE (5) strands. Never used, lovely condition, still relatively bright after all these years. Ideal for trimming and accenting a variety of projects. Please note, this particular width is not the width pictured in the upper left hand corner in the box. These narrow strands are from the same source, same era, but were not packed in hanks we have shown in the box. The scan of the trim with the dime IS this particular narrow bullion.


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