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DL0091: 5" Metallic Tassel/Magnifique!

This gold/brass colored metallic tassel dates from the 19th century and is believed to be French in origin. Condition is quite remarkable and outstanding with perhaps a stray fiber here or there. Overall condition is very strong and stable with rich bouillon streamers cascading from the body of the tassel. My research indicates these are French bouillon metallic tassels made of strands of metallic Frisť.Frisť is a metal for embroidery that is crinkled. It looks like a thin flat wire that has been wrapped around a square rod, slipped off and twisted just a bit to make the corners lay in different angles to show off a lot of reflected light. Tassel measures 5" long, not including the hanging loop. If you love early French metallic embellishments with a warm, rich patina, you will adore these! My supply is very, very limited, unfortunately. Please note, most of these antique tassels have a little bit of green tarnish--I have been able to scratch off any green residue, as I have experimented with how to correct this minor problem. You may have success using a commercial product. Our perfect tassels sold for $55.00. The discounted price shown reflects the discount for the minor corrosion issue. These were acquired by a costumer/collector who accumulated the finest treasure trove of vintage and antique European lace, buttons, appliques and other embellishments over a 9 year period, while living in Holland. During this time, she was able to travel to various parts of Europe to find these beautiful antique and vintage items and trims.


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