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DKA1: Doll Mirrornew

This is a very unusual powder patter. It measures 11~1/4" tall. The stick is wooden and had been wrapped with a ribbon that appears to be silk and velvet. The silk peach ribbon has been pleated or ruched and is accented with a ring of ribbon rosettes. The center of the back of the mirror is also accented wooden beads or seeds. The mirror, on the other side is almost totally black and has lost most of its silvering. The other end of the handle features a bisque doll head with painted hair, painted lashes and a painted mouth. The hair does show some color loss, especially to the back. The head has huge round blue set glass eyes. The back of the head is marked Germany and 409/161..(I think...). Beads or seeds also decorate the collar area. This is very unusual and I have not seen another like it, so I am not 100 percent positive its original or a marriage made long ago. I sell vintage and antique items with a history; oftentimes items may show wear from a former life. I always try to note any serious condition issues. Please contact me if you have additional questions regarding the condition of the item. If you are seeking a collectible which looks brand new please reconsider purchasing. Our items are as described, but descriptions are subjective, after all. Please ask for additional photos.

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