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SEO503: Schuco Yes No Bearnew

This charming vintage mohair German Schuco Yes No Bear is in outstanding condition. Near mint condition, in fact. His coloring is beautiful and he has such a charming expression. Flesh colored felt covered pads, original stitched claws on all four limbs. Jointed at legs, arms and head. His feet are fairly flat so he can stand on his own. I have additional photos of the bear, if you would like to see more than the limited amount here. No mohair loss. He is very furry and clean. His tail, which works the mechanism in his head, still retains its fur. He has a beautiful face with black floss nose and mouth. Amber glass eyes with big black pupils. Excelsior firmly stuffed with no lumpy areas. He stands 16" tall (not measuring ears) and his yes no mechanism works flawlessly. Head moves smoothly up and down for yes, side to side for no. He is a real charmer! We'll include one of our vintage toy watch pins with the purchase! Teddy weighs 1 lb 9 oz unpacked. I sell vintage and antique items with a history; oftentimes items may show wear from a former life. I always try to note any serious condition issues. Please contact me if you have additional questions regarding the condition of the item. Photos are considered part of the description. Please email me for additional photos.

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