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VC5953GC: Dressel & Kister Pincushion

This is an exceptionally fine quality Dressel and Kister full figure pincushion in original presentation for the French market. It is VERY rare and condition is outstanding. Her original circular stand is decorated with metallic lace over pink silk or satin. Embellished with fine ombre ribbon roses all around in pink, lavender, blue and yellow. The diameter is 2.5". It has a post, where the doll's foot can be inserted and where she can be displayed. She stands 6" tall and is slender and delicate. She wears rose colored ballet slippers--one has the hole in which to insert the metal rod for display. Her slender legs are rose blushed at the knees.Her fingers are shaped delicately. She is peg jointed at the shoulders, with what appears to be remnants of old transparent glue to stabilize her arms in the position they are displayed. Her face is beautifully painted and her hair painted and molded with fine feminine curls. Tiny factory flaw at back of head--minor divet. She wears her original costume of lavish metallic lace which has darkened to a warm patina, accented with a pink ribbon rose at her shoulder. She is exquisite and would display beautifully amid a collection of half dolls or on a vanity table with old perfume bottles or wedding wax tiaras, etc. Please click here to view additional magnified photos and click on your BACK button in your browser to return to this page.
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