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VC6005GC: Appealing Schuco Bear

This fabulous Yes No Schuco bear is absolutely adorable! What charming appeal! He has all the qualities teddy collectors love... a disarming and engaging charismatic expression, fabulous honey colored mohair, long slightly curved arms...! He has glass eyes, stitched floss nose and mouth, jointed at arms, legs and head. He has black stitched claws and his wool felt pads are in pretty good condition. Still ivory colored, some rubbing to nap of felt has caused some pilling or wear. It appears these were applied at some time in teddy's history to preserve or replace his original pads. There is some balding here and there--particularly to torso where he would have been handled a lot during play, and his little tail is virtually bald because it was used to create hours of laughter and entertainment as pushing it up or down or side to side, caused teddy's head to nod yes or shake no. He has a closer shave to his muzzle area. He stands 12.5" tall and is a real charmer! Who can resist such a pleasant fellow?! He wears a very worn antique wine colored silk ribbon bow at neck. Please click here to view additional magnified photos and click on your BACK button in your browser to return to this page.

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