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VC7083GC: Tiny K Star R

This sweet little doll is incised Simon Halbig K Star R on the back of her head. It also looks like the letter L is incised near her crown opening. No damage to bisque. Painted eyebrows, painted upper and lower lashes, blue sleep eyes with original wax on lids. Open mouth with painted lips, upper teeth are showing. Rose blushed cheeks. Five piece composition body with original glossy finish. Some wear to paint on her back and around her neckwell area. Original mohair wig (somewhat sparse on her left side). Possibly restrung at some point in her history--little knots at the stringing holes in arms and legs. Swivel neck, jointed at arms and legs. Dressed in antique pantaloons, Antique slip, sweet little vintage pink dress with embroidery and matching wide brimmed hat, vintage satin slippers. There is a small area in the back of the dress where the skirt and bodice have separated and will need to be restitched. She stands 9" tall.Please click here to view additional magnified photos and click on your BACK button in your browser to return to this page.

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