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VC7813SO: 1920s Mohair Teddy

This charming vintage honey colored teddy bear has a short bristle style mohair covering. Felt pads on feed and arms which appear to be original, in my estimation. Jointed at arms, legs, and head. He has a pronounced snout with black stitched nose and mouth. Amber glass eyes and all excelsior stuffed. When you push on his back (looking for a squeaker), you can feel a hollow area, so its possible the noise maker was removed at some time in his history. Some balding to the back of his head, but overall excellent mohair coverage. In some areas his ears have been secured to his head with a running stitch, so perhaps they were fragile and someone re-secured them. He wears a vintage plum colored ribbon at his neck and a genuine vintage Teddy Roosevelt button or pin on his chest. He stands about 15" tall, not including ears. He's a sweet little fellow with the suggestion of a slight hump on his back . Arms are slightly curved. Approximately circa 1920s. Please click here to view additional magnified photos and click on your BACK button in your browser to return to this page.
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