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VC7914SO: AM 323 Googly

This very sweet antique doll is German and marked Germany 323 AM on the back of her head. She originates from my personal collection and was purchased from Diane Hoffman, a very reputable and knowledgeable doll dealer. This little gem has been packed away over 11 years, when we moved our business to another location. Just unpacked her this week and she is even more adorable than I had remembered! Lovely bisque head with side glancing blue sleep eyes, with wax on lids. Painted eyebrows, painted eyelashes upper and lower, a sweet painted closed mouth gives her such a mischievous appearance! Antique 5 piece composition body with original paint. Teeny hole has pierced the breast on one side and is visible on the back. Original glossy finish. She stands 10" tall and wears vintage/antique underclothing, socks and shoes. Vintage dress styling in a nautical fashion and matching cap. Vintage mohair wig with two long braids which cascade down her back. She is simply the best example we've seen! Such a fabulous expression and condition is great!Please click here to view additional magnified photos and click on your BACK button in your browser to return to this page.
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