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VC9014GC: Black Forest "Whistler"new

This is an exceptional Black Forest wood carving dating circa 1920s. It features a fellow in Navy uniform from that time period. His slacks are dark, his shirt a very aged ivory and blue/grey collar with square cut design in the back. His hair is painted brown and he wears a Naval cap with an emblem in the front and in gold are marks which resemble letters,but are intentionally done in a manner where they cannot be identified. Beautifully carved face with painted arched eyebrows ,pursed lips as if whistling. He stands on a wooden pedestal. The figure is expertly and artistically carved, with folds in the clothing, wrinkles in his face, etc. There is possible a little touch up at the back of his collar where perhaps the wood had chipped. There is a panel in his back with a lever and a key wind. When his mechanism is wound and the lever pulled, he moves his head side to side, and the music box place a tune which actually sounds like some one is whistling.It is amazing! He seems like a carefree fellow, watching people passing by, and just whistling a sweet little tune. He stands approximately 13" tall. There may be a small chip off his right ear, but I'm not certain, as the color is the same and everything around it. He is so unique and sure to bring smiles and laughter as you watch him leisurely whistle his melody. Made by Griesbaum. Very rare. Please see my album for video or contact me for video. This comes from a private collection. Please click here to view additional magnified photos and click on your BACK button in your browser to return to this page.

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