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VC9023VT: G&P Fashion/Rarenew

This is a beautiful and VERY rare French fashion doll, which dates circa 1865. It is believed only about 100 of these G&P fashion dolls were made. She measures 23 inches tall and her original kid body is in very good condition, as the photos suggest. She is very firmly stuffed. Her body was once a pale pink kid leather, but has faded to a lovely ivory color, with some pink still visible in areas such as between legs, etc. Individually stitched fingers are beautifully sewn. It has been suggested one arm may possibly be a period replacement, as the fingers are slightly shorter. There is a hand stitched or mended tear to the kid, inside arm area, about 1/2" in length. Beautifully stitched feet. Her legs are straight and she is very striking, positioned , standing, as this accentuates her stature. One wrist is a little frail, with no tearing or if she once wore a bracelet. Incised with G 4 , under the leather. One shoulder has a straight pin to help secure the leather flap. Beautiful, flawless pale bisque with cobalt blue large almond shaped glass eyes. Hand painted eyebrows, dots to nose, and painted closed mouth. Rose blushed cheeks. Daintily painted upper and lower lashes. Antique or original cork pate with antique cocoa colored human hair wig adorned with an antique cloth rosebud nosegay or hair decoration. This accents the front of her wig, but does not go all the way around the head. Very beautiful--it almost appears as a bridal tiara. Antique open work socks (with some wear to each). Antique or original pantaloons, several antique slips. She wears an outstanding antique reproduction silk dress of the palest aqua color, embellished with off white or ivory bands. Lined with a gauze like or linen like lining. Superb antique shoes are a pecan colored leather with leather rosettes. Sage colored ribbon laces. A fabulous and very rare French fashion doll is a magnificent size! Danielle & Francois Theimer write about these dolls in Chapter 40, Page 321 in their book The Panorama of Parisian Dolls. Please click here to view additional magnified photos and click on your BACK button in your browser to return to this page.

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