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VC9029GC: 1860s Rohmer Fashionnew

Lovely antique Rohmer French Fashion doll measures 15.5" tall. Lovey extremely pale bisque with hand painted eyebrows painted upper and lower lashes , ocean blue glass stationary glass eyes. Sweet Mona Lisa like painted smile, rose blushed cheeks, double chin and well defined chin. Vintage faux pearl necklace . Shoulderplate is in lovely condition, incised with letters or numbers on back, under leather . Original leather body is stamped with an oval (please see photo). Tiny separation of seam in front, near crotch with NO seeping of sawdust. China arms with blushed pink fingernails. Upper arms are wooden with leather band remnants at the tops of the glossy china arms. Wooden pegs in upper arms enable arms to move. Knees at leather body can also move forward and backward. China lower legs in lovely original condition with slight pink blushing. Kid leather reinforcements at upper thigh areas in front. The doll can be positioned seated. Cork pate, more recently added lovely full blonde mohair wig with curls. Antique hat. Antique pantaloons. Several antique slips, some with a bit of wear, one particularly soiled. Lovely antique dress believed to be original is in very good condition. A lovely doll with a very sweet, serene expression. Please click here to view additional magnified photos and click on your BACK button in your browser to return to this page.
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