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VCA9GC: 7" Early All Bisque

This early petite Kestner doll is so sweet. She is all bisque, peg jointed at arms, and legs. Painted white stockings with blue bands. Toffee or yellow colored high bootines with black painted accents and 5 painted straps. Swivel neck. Open mouth with pale pink colored lips, two square teeth on top and one below. Small pearl earrings placed in pierced ears. (We did not attempt to remove these.) Painted medium brown eyebrows, rose blushed cheeks, lavishly painted upper and lower lashes. Vintage or original gorgeous handmade crochet dress, original antique chestnut colored mohair wig. Plaster pate is intact, but removed at some time and reglued to doll. Accented with an antique lace bonnet (silk ties have melted). Dates circa 1880s. Incised on back of head. The numbers are a little difficult to decipher, but I believe it reads 102.
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