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QT03S: 1880s PA Evening Star

Evening Star quilt with Sawtooth border. Circa 1880s PA. Wonderful, early Pennsylvania calico quilt in unwashed condition. Made up of a green calico, double pink, and two different shades of a peach calico--one in the star and one in the setting block. Backed with a small detailed, dark print. Quilted in cables, a one inch grid, and straight lines at 7 stitches per inch. This quilt is unused and crisp and the colors are strong and vibrant. There is a water stain about 1 inch by 3 inches in one of the peach squares that won't show up in a picture, but can be seen close up to the quilt. In one corner of the border there is the remnants of a paper label. Neither of these affect the graphic appeal of value of this great quilt. Large 77" X 89". Feel free to email with any questions and for additional close ups. Certainly, this is without question one of the finest quilts we've had--museum quality.
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