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DB3401GC: French Lamp with Mermaid

The most amazing handpainted porcelain lamp of a mermaid with Nautilus seashell! Absolutely exquisite, with classic Art Deco styling. Fabulous artistic body, slender with soft flowing lines and curves. Handpainted lines suggesting strands of hair, arched, narrow painted eyebrows, alluring almond shaped painted eyes, rose blushed cheeks, painted open mouth with crimson lips--even painted nostrils. The lower part of her body is painted to suggest gold encrusted scales on a cobalt blue colored tail which changes from palest blue above to a dark sapphire at the end of the tail. The lamp is white porcelain accented with gold painted lines. She measures 7" along the bottom,7.5" high. Small crazing line or fine hairline in back, difficult to photograph. It extends about 1" from her hair, down back near shoulder. Appears to have been glazed over, so possibly in the making of the lamp. Also nearly invisible stress line on the shell, due to the use of the lamp (heat from the bulb) over the course of decades. Marked on the bottom Made in France Aladin Luxe. Works wonderfully, casting a delicate and beautiful glow on the mermaid, when the light is on. Please click here to view additional magnified photos and click on your BACK button in your browser to return to this page.
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