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SEO604: 1920s Boudoir Boxnew

This is a lovely circa 1920s boudoir vanity box , all original. Very intricate and delicate, with lovely muted colors. Please view all my photos and don't hesitate to ask for photos of specific areas, if you need them. The box is lined in blue and features a pleated lace skirt accented with metallic ribbon. Ribbonwork rosettes meander all along the perimeter of the lid. There is a grouping of ribbon flowers accented with metallic lametta and stamen centers in the center. Overall condition is very nice. Some wear to a part of the major ribbonwork on the lid--check my photos. Maybe some very slight fading to the blue, as the interior is brighter. Overall, considering how fragile the original nature of the box was when created, I would say this has never been used. The lid is not floppy and is quite tight, as one would expect it to be, when lifted. The box measures 6~1/2" in back, and about 8" across the front. About 1~3/4" high. Some pencil writing in corner on the underside. About 6~1/2" measuring from top back, right through medallions on top, to the end of the lid.

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