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VC5675GC: Large Mannequin Display

This outstanding early 19th century French papier mache handpainted mannequin display or millinery model is ideal for a shabby Paris apartment boudoir or even as a model for hats, if you are a millinery dealer or make hats. The model has quite a bit of wear, which makes it very appropriate accenting a shabby dresser, etc. We've displayed her with a hat (not sold with the display), to give you an idea as to the size and scale of the store display bust. There is overall marring or light soiling to some areas, painted facial features have faded or been worn quite a bit, the most noteable is the wear to the nose tip. Wear, scuffing and some chipping to paint at painted hair. Faux lace bodice appears to be paper which was glued to the surface of the model (original). Marked Paindebled. There is a dent which has created a surface crack to crook of neck at side, chip to paint at chin. If you will examine all my photos, they should give you a good idea as to the condition of this early French display model. She measures approximately 15" tall. Please click here to view additional magnified photos and click on your BACK button in your browser to return to this page.
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