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VC7000SO: "Lady Grace" Mannequin

This is a "Lady Grace" reproduction mannequin, used to display clothing, hats, jewelry, etc. I purchased her from her previous owner in the late 1980s to early 1990s to display wedding veils, etc for the site. She stands 5 feet tall and has a bisque shoulderplate, bisque head which is swivel and can be turned and posed, as desired. Bisque lower arms. The rest of her body is cloth, very firmly stuffed. There is a little insert at the bottom of her torso where her stand can be inserted. The stand has a very heavy base, so she is very stable. I see no damage or chips to the bisque. She has beautiful blue eyes, with painted lashes and brows and a painted mouth. Missing one earring. High fashion gibson girl type wig. Her feet are cloth and there is some overall soiling to feet and ankle areas. She comes with the antique Edwardian dress she is wearing. It appears to be in good condition, with very few condition issues, mostly a missing snap or a small pinhole, etc. I added the vintage lace remnant around her neck, as I did not like the V neck style of the antique dress. She also comes with an antique straw hat, accented with antique ribbon and vintage/antique flowers. When I purchased her, she came to me from the shop window nude. I invested several hundred dollars in the hat and dress, alone. I have seen very few of these available for sale. Recently one without wig and dressed in more of a polka-dance costume sold for over 800. "Lady Grace" was a life size doll or mannequin created by the Bru company. It is believed she was created in the likeness of Empress Eugenia, wife of Napoleon III. Please note, this is a REPRODUCTION and no parts, other than the clothing items mentioned above, are antique. This would be a fabulous item to display in your store window, or even in a shabby Paris apartment boudoir. Local Pick Up Only! I am unable to ship this--she is too large and too heavy, but you are welcome to pick her up once purchased. Please click here to view additional magnified photos and click on your BACK button in your browser to return to this page.
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