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DB5455GK: Mesh Bag Circa 1915

Enchanting Whiting and Davis mesh bag or purse, circa 1915-1920. Original highly decorated brass frame with original clasp with floral design. Original ornate chain handle. Original bronze colored silk lining, in very good and clean condition. The purse has a geometric design typical of the era, in red, green and yellow. The colors are muted and not vibrant or garish. Hundreds, if not thousands, of tiny metal links, creating a very fine appearance. I have found four areas along the bottom, before the fringe, where there are missing links. Difficult to see, as the mesh is so fine. The purse measures 8.5", not measuring the chain handle. The chain handle adds an additional 8". Please ask all questions regarding condition, age, size, pricing and authenticity PRIOR to completing a Purchase Order. A "Purchase Order" is NOT for the purpose of "Holding" an item while questions are asked, it is a firm commitment to buy the item as listed. Please click here to view additional magnified photos and click on your BACK button in your browser to return to this page.

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