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DL0538: Silk Velvet new

This vintage velvet fabric originates from a collection of vintage and antique European fabric, buttons, baubles, tassels, lace and trims. Collected over a period of nine years, while living in Holland, and traveling through European decades ago. Believed to date circa 1920s. The velvet has a gorgeous floral pattern on one side and is plain on the back. Lots of paisley patterns, flowers in urns, etc. There are two pieces. Overall condition appears excellent. I believe the velvet is silk. It has a soft satin sheen. I believe each piece had a hem along the edge, which has been picked to add some width. But I will consider this selvage, and will just measure the velvet portion. 23" X 94". Colors are ivory, copper and a rich dark teal or sapphire. There is one small area on a flower which looks a little darker. It has not penetrated to the back and may just be the nap. 99" X 23". Again, subtle differences in shades, but this may be due to age, nap of velvet, etc. Perfect for upholstering , curtains, etc. It may work for dolls, but the pattern would be too large and the weight of velvet would difficult to work with on a small scale. Ideal for toss pillows! I sell vintage and antique items with a history; oftentimes items may show wear from a former life. I always try to note any serious condition issues. Please contact me if you have additional questions regarding the condition of the item. If you are seeking a collectible which looks brand new please reconsider purchasing. Our items are as described, but descriptions are subjective, after all. Weight is 2 pounds 8 oz. before packing, which means USPS Priority domestic shipping will be around 16.00.
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