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DL0640: Butter Yellow Lacenew

This is a beautiful vintage lace fabric, originating from a collection of textiles, buttons, etc acquired over a 9 year period while living in Holland. It is crisp and clean and ready to make into a lovely lace blouse, skirt, etc. It is a butter yellow, accented with black and has open areas, so will need to be lined. It measures 34.5" wide and I believe I have a total of 4 yards, but I would have to double check.I am not a textile expert but I am assuming this is cotton. I did a burn test and it turned to ash and disappeared no hard substance left behind etc. There is no stretch to the fabric at all. I sell vintage and antique items with a history; oftentimes items may show wear from a former life. I always try to note any serious condition issues. Please contact me if you have additional questions regarding the condition of the item. If you are seeking a collectible which looks brand new please reconsider purchasing. Our items are as described, but descriptions are subjective, after all.
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