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This is a lovely gathering of fabulous antique silk wide ribbon.The yellow measures 4~3/4" wide X 30". All these are antique and so a little fragile. This one has been folded. Some overall minor soiling, mostly near one end. When held to the light I can see teeny suggestions of holes about the size of a pencil point. This could be incorporated into a elaborate sash for a doll dress, something to adorn a lady's hat, or a big bow for a doll's hair. The smaller watered silk looks like it may have been a sash for a dress? It measures 14" X 5~1/2" wide. The longest remnant features large vibrant roses. It measures 35~1/2"X 5~1/2" wide. It does have some fragile areas where the ribbon has torn. It would have to be handled very delicately, as it is beginning to shatter. Still, I think one could decorate a shabby chic pillow or accent a doll's costume with this. You would have to be gentle, however. All these are very old and the colors are lovely.
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