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VR982SO: Antique Silk Mini Flags

Needless to say, I nearly had to mortgage my home in order to purchase this ribbon, but I fell in love with it the minute I saw it! Fabulous, brilliantly colored little mini US flags. If you order multiple flags, I will leave your yardage intact so you can either cut the flags into individual pieces or use the length you request as a whole to adorn something. The silk is in perfect condition and appears to be stable, withstanding the "pull" test. The underside of the ribbon has more of a glazed cotton appearance and this is perhaps why it is still in great condition after all these years. Each flag measures 2" long X 15/16" wide. Rich sapphire accented with snowy white stars, red and creamy colored stripes add contrast and brilliance. Perfect for trimming a patriotic feather tree, using on badges for teddy bears, etc. Circa 1910. Price is per flag and my quantity is limited.


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