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SEO657: Vintage Lacy Tiara

This lovely vintage wedding tiara is in lovely condition. It is styled to frame the bride s face with ruched pale ivory lace and pearlescent wax flowers. There is a cluster of blossoms at each side of the head piece. Wax flowers on a band travel up from one side, over the head, to the other side. A fine scalloped lace ruffle also travels up and around the headpiece. The band has some flex to it, so will accommodate a variety of head sizes. This would be lovely coupled with a veil. The measurement from ear or cheek, up over the top, to the other cluster of flowers is 14" (measuring band closest to head). A little bit of soiling or rust near the green millinery flowers at cluster, hidden behind flowers. The blossoms vary in style and size. The flowers in the cluster measure about 1" in diameter. The tiara stands stands approximately 3~1/2" tall at the center top.
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