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WD165SO: "Halo" Wedding Veil

Fabulous antique wedding veil with attached headpiece. The style resembles a halo encircling the bride's head. Wire frame, where wire is wrapped with silk thread. Pleated panel accented with wax flowers. Generally good condition, with some broken petals and slightly distorted petals on some. The blusher veil and come unattached from one side. The original threads are there, so it would be no problem to reattach the veil to the other side of the frame. The tulle at the head is in good condition for the age of the veil with a suggestion of some small pinholes in one of the two layers of tulle. There is some damage to the length of the veil--I have photographed the worst of these. The veil is SILK, so the condition was originally fragile, but the years have been kind to the tulle, with some areas of damage but much of the veil is in good condition. Certainly good for display, as much of the damage is hidden in the folds of the veil. If you plan on using this for your wedding, I would replace the veil so it is perfect for your special day. The original veil measures about 46". As a side note, the silk veiling would be ideal for embellishing doll hats. You could recoup some of your investment reselling the veil on ebay. Please click here to view additional magnified photos and click on your BACK button in your browser to return to this page.
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