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We do offer a flexible Lay-Away plan for your purchase(s)!

We require an initial non-refundable deposit of 20% of the total cost of the order.Please do not ask us to place the item on layaway and defer the deposit for a couple of weeks, etc.

Deposit is REQUIRED within 24 hours if paying via credit card or Paypal. If mailing your deposit, we must receive it within 7 days or the sale is void and the item is returned to inventory.

Length of the layaway and subsequent payments can be discussed, so please email Susan or call us at 801-669-3900. We will try to work with you. We ask, however, once a payment plan is agreed upon, that you meet your payment commitment each month.

If you are struggling to make a payment, please contact us. We understand unexpected expenses may arise. We are VERY understanding, especially with those who have the courtesty to contact us, to let us know there is a problem.
We tend to get peeved at customers who ignore our pleas for payment and pretend not to receive our emails or money requests.

If you have made a deposit and several payments, and cannot continue with the layaway, let us know. Your deposit, as previously stated, is non refundable. However,you will be given a grace period of 14 days, where you may use what payments you HAVE made,towards another purchase on the site. This must be an outright purchase (no layaway).

Buyer is responsible for shipping and insurance costs, which will be calculated into the final payment, once the layaway is completed.

THERE ARE NO RETURNS ACCEPTED ON LAYAWAY ITEMS, unless the item is a doll and a hairline or significant damage to the bisque,not mentioned in the description, is discovered. Jewelry items may be returned if the gold content is not as described or the authenticity of the stones is in question. Please note, our jewelry items have been examined by trusted antique jewelry dealers,whom we have known since 1988.

The buyer will receive credit toward another purchase from us redeemable within one year of the return of the layaway item. Please bear in mind, I sell ANTIQUE and VINTAGE items, which generally means USED items. Many items are over a century old. These items have a history and may show signs of wear or use. I will describe significant flaws or wear. However, if you are looking for a pristine item that is as new, please re-evaluate before making your layaway purchase. I am delighted to rephotograph items or areas of concern on a particular item--all you have do is ask. We encourage you to read the descriptions carefully.

We wish to make ordering online a positive experience and realize, sometimes, the only way some of us can purchase these lovely antiques is through layaway. We also feel an obligation to protect our consignors from lengthy layaways which are suddenly canceled due to buyer's regret. We feel we have created a layaway policy which meets both of these important goals.

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